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The state of Louisiana has been placed under a ‘stay at home’ proclamation. Stuller will comply with that directive beginning March 23, 2020 at 5pm CDT through April 12, 2020. We will have a limited staff of Customer Care associates working remotely available from 10 AM CDT – 5 PM CDT. We encourage you to contact us at or chat us for assistance.
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What is CounterSketch®?

CounterSketch 2019 is an intuitive 3D design software that provides access to a range of customizable styles and manufacturing options. It’s perfect for the full spectrum of designers, whether you’re just diving into CAD software or are a master designer looking for a software to use side by side with customers. We offer two ways to purchase: CounterSketch 2019 or CounterSketch Streaming.

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Two ways to buy

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CounterSketch® 2019

CounterSketch 2019 is an intuitive 3D design software that provides access to a range of customizable styles and manufacturing options.

CounterSketch Streaming on MacBook Pro

CounterSketch® Streaming

With Streaming, you get all the features and benefits of CounterSketch. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Terms and conditions apply.
Operating System Windows Windows/Mac OSX
Add details or build new designs with more than 1,000 individual components
Open and modify flexible 3C designs in CounterSketch from
Price, order, and submit your finished 3D model to Stuller for manufacturing
Change stones, metal qualities, shanks, and more in 3D on 1,300+ styles
Access to online CounterSketch training ($495 yearly value)

Requires NVIDIA graphics card

Share real-time work sessions with customers

Annual support agreement ($295 yearly value)

Access to the free CounterSketch Solution Session monthly webinar

Enhance the Experience with ever&ever®

High-quality ever&ever® prototypes allow your customer to touch a physical sample of CounterSketch’s customizable bridal styles. Once they pick a style, you guide them through customization options in CounterSketch.

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CounterSketch Free Trial

Want to test the software yourself? Try out a free CounterSketch trial for two weeks.

CounterSketch Webinars

Free Weekly CounterSketch Webinars

View CounterSketch in action during one of our hour-long, weekly software demonstrations.

CounterSketch Training

CounterSketch Training and Education

To help you unleash the full potential of your CounterSketch software, we offer hands-on training classes, online training through Gemvision Academy, and weekly webinars taught by our master CounterSketch designer.

4/1/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 1576.55 Platinum 716.00 Silver 14.02