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What is 302 Fine Jewelry?

The name was born from our Stuller headquarters address and chosen because 302 was conceptualized, designed, and created primarily by women in the Stuller building. 302 Fine Jewelry was made to inspire self-purchasing customers to wear and share their stories with the world.

These affordable, on-trend styles are the mementos women wear to signify who they are, where they’re going, and what they’ve done. Help them wear their story with 302 Fine Jewelry.

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Featured Items

These 302® Fine Jewelry items are spotlighted in major fashion magazines including ELLE, Marie Claire, and Harper's BAZAAR.

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Want to learn more about becoming a brand partner? Schedule a personalized Stuller Connect™ video consultation with one of our 302 specialists below. We’ll help you select $2,500* of product best suited for your showroom, provide an in-depth review of program benefits, answer any questions you may have, and more.

*$2,500 buy-in required. Pre-tax. Does not include shipping and handling.

Partner Benefits


This website lets your customers browse the collections and find nearby 302 Fine Jewelry retailers. When becoming a 302 partner, your business will be added to the Locate A Retailer map and allow you to start connecting with new customers.

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Marketing Support

Receive robust marketing support through our Marketing Asset Library, including beautiful photography and videos. Partners also receive a monthly newsletter featuring a calendar of expertly crafted social media posts.

Easy-to-Sell Styles

We’ve done the research for you to ensure 302 Fine Jewelry contains relevant, on-trend styles. These designs are pre-merchandised to provide peace of mind that they will be long-lasting mementos for your customers.

Support Team

From providing visual merchandising and marketing tips, training for in-store sales associates, and seasonal help with events, your Stuller sales representatives are here to help you achieve success.

Rapid Delivery

The curated 302 collections allow for quick and easy choices that you can leverage for trending sales immediately. In-stock styles are available for next-day delivery.

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Discover our newest collections, each curated around distinct, on-trend styles designed to help you express yourself.

essentials collection
Charm School Collection

Build pieces that are A+ using the charms within the Charm School Collection. This assortment provides variety and appeal to create styles that are unique and versatile.

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essentials collection
Essentials Collection

Explore the beauty of simplicity with the Essentials Collection. These simple silhouettes are perfect for everyday wear, giving you the opportunity to tell your story whether you’re at work, home, or a formal event.

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utility collection
Utility Collection

Add some urban, industrial flair to your style with the Utility Collection. Chain links and locks dominate these looks. When layered, they create a striking first impression.

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jubilee collection
Jubilee Collection

Joyfully wear your story with the Jubilee Collection. These charming styles offer personalized and layered looks, featuring initials, birthstones, symbols, names, and more.

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cosmos collection
Cosmos Collection

Explore the dimensions beyond our world with the Cosmos Collection. This collection celebrates celestial designs, featuring lightning bolts, crescent moons, starbursts, constellations, and other design elements that reflect the realms above.

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believer collection
Believer Collection

Celebrate your beliefs with the Believer Collection. Symbols of spirituality, faith, and tranquility comprise this collection — and are just what you need to discover inner peace.

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impress collection Impress Collection

Adorn yourself with the luxurious, stone-intensive styles of the Impress Collection. From large, colorful gemstones to scattered diamond accents, these designs range from big and bold to fun and playful.

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modern brilliance collection
Modern Brilliance® Collection

Explore all your options for diamond jewelry with the Modern Brilliance Collection. These styles range from classic to on-trend, and they’re set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds.

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Created With Meaning

Passion, experience, and skill are the traits that define the team behind the product. By combining their unique life and jewelry industry experiences, they work every day to create meaningful jewelry that helps your customers proudly wear and celebrate their story.

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"I have never met a diamond that I didn’t love"

I love jewelry. Most of my passion stems from the appreciation of being able to wear Earth’s most precious resources. I am certain this is the reason I have never met a diamond that I didn’t love. Trend Forecasting is where I get the most energy in my work. I am fascinated by all the factors that affect what consumers are wearing and searching for. This is more relevant now than ever.

Outside of my work you can find me painting, chasing my four boys, and enjoying an occasional weekday glass of champagne. When I seek inspiration, I turn to nature and the one and only Dolly Parton who I consider a female force within business and the creative process. I am so excited to be a part of the 302® Fine Jewelry team here at Stuller.


My Favorite Looks

14k yellow petite dome ring 14k diamond bezel set earrings
"I love how one piece of jewelry can be transformed on different women."

I love how one piece of jewelry can be transformed on different women simply by the way it is worn. I have always been inspired by people who express themselves with a unique and interesting style. One of my favorite parts in the design process is collaborating with the diverse women on our team to build beautiful mood boards. I am always learning something new from them.

In my spare time, there is nothing I love more than spending time with my nieces and nephew. I also really enjoy painting, cooking, gardening, home renovation projects…or anything else that flexes my creative muscles!


My Favorite Looks

pearl threader earrings Negative Space Knife-Edge Ring CTW Diamond Lock Necklace
"Jewelry is a beautiful form of expression that says something about who you are."

Fashion has always been an important part of my life. I truly believe the way you present yourself through clothes and jewelry sets the mood for your entire day. To me, jewelry is a beautiful form of expression that says something about who you are while making you feel empowered and confident. My passion and energy for fashion, life, and what I do at Stuller is inspired by my mother as well as the hardworking, strong girlfriends and coworkers that surround me.

I am interested in all things spiritual and celestial, understanding their meanings and purpose, and how they relate to the world around us. I am very honored and proud to share these inspirations through some of the new pieces in the 302® Fine Jewelry collections.


My Favorite Looks

diamond micro bezel-set earrings diamond devil's eye necklace lab-grown diamond earrings
"Travelling and the arts inspire me in styling and curating the 302 collections."

There are many things I love about Stuller, but I am most thankful to be part of a team of such creative and hardworking women. I love travelling and the arts, both of which inspire me in styling and curating the 302® Fine Jewelry collections. I love adding jewelry to my everyday uniform of a t-shirt and jeans to define my simple yet chic style.

I am happiest when surrounded by my favorite things: good people, good food, good music – and my cat Elvis.


My Favorite Looks

hinged hoop earrings diamond starburst necklace stackable star ring
"Jewelry makes you feel empowered and ready to take on anything."

I am inspired by everyday life, which is why curating the 302® Fine Jewelry collections for the everyday woman is so special to me. I love to travel and explore, whether it be in a big city or a serene quiet area in nature. I find joy in the little things like bike rides, cooking new recipes, and spending time with family and friends.

I believe jewelry can transform any look from daytime casual to a night out. It’s the finishing touch that brings a look together and makes you feel empowered and ready to take on anything. I am so proud to be working with the amazing team of women at Stuller who have been a part of the 302® Fine Jewelry collections.


My Favorite Looks

bezel-set stackable ring yellow cross drop earrings ELONGATED FLAT LINK CHAIN
"Jewelry is our own living history. It’s a map of our lives."

I’ve always had a great interest in bold fine art, progressive design and a lifelong passion for jewelry. I have been studying, creating, and crafting jewelry since I was a child. This has led me to the most fulfilling career, creating today’s trends in 302® Fine Jewelry which will be passed down to become tomorrow’s heirlooms. I am most energized by the highly collaborative elements of the design process. From the spark of an idea to refining the sketch to making small adjustments in CAD and the final touches in the details of the stone setting, working with our fantastic creative team is what makes me thrilled to be at Stuller every day.

I believe jewelry is our own living history. It’s a map of our lives and a way for each of us to wear our accomplishments while reflecting the aesthetics and values of each era. I enjoy working in my home studio creating pieces to share my personal collection with my own daughters as they grow.


My Favorite Looks

diamond starburst ring tiny lightning bolt earrings
"Everything I draw is a happy little accident."

I’m a bit like Bob Ross: everything I draw is a happy little accident. And fewer things make me happier than drawing — which is fantastic because, lucky me, I get to do that every day! I’m part of the 302® Fine Jewelry design team, where the work of Tomasz Donocik inspires me.

Outside of work, I’m the proud dog momma of Flynn “Ryder” Mitchell. One of my favorite things to do is travel and get to see the different trends in other areas. There’s always something to take back with me and incorporate into future 302 designs.


My Favorite Looks

curved bar earrings geometric stackable ring
"The women I design jewelry for…are strong but embrace femininity."

As an artist and designer, I’m happiest when I’m creating. Whether that’s working in my garden or knitting a sweater for a new baby, I’m a creator to the core. My job allows me to explore this creativity, where I often draw inspiration from the women I design jewelry for. They are strong but embrace femininity in all its delicate beauty. And of course, they love sparkle, whether that’s a lot or just a little. That’s the beauty of 302 Fine Jewelry: it’s all about the wearer’s individual preferences.

The part of designing I enjoy the most is when I can gather the fragments of an idea from my head and then realize that design on paper. From there, I flesh out the details with pencil and paint until I’ve created something that I’m ready to share with the world. And, sometimes, when the finished design looks just as I imagined, it feels like lightning in a bottle.


My Favorite Looks

diamond scatter bar earrings yellow citrine ring
"The designs I find most meaningful are classics — especially pearls!"

When I’m creating something meaningful and everlasting, that’s when I’m happiest. My work with 302® Fine Jewelry allows me to channel that happiness by helping women across the globe infuse these styles with their own meaning. 

Personally, the designs I find most meaningful are classics — especially pearls! You can’t go wrong with a pair of timeless pearl earrings or with diamond studs. I also enjoy simple personalized styles, particularly earrings and necklaces, which are my favorite.

My love of creating meaningful things extends to my life outside of work. Spending time with my family, hosting parties with friends, traveling, crafting, gardening, celebrating Christmas, and enjoying sunflowers are how I fill my time with those in my life. These activities give me the opportunity to make and capture memories with them, just as jewelry allows us to capture memories in a tangible form.


My Favorite Looks

tiny sunflower earrings pearl bar necklace or pendant
"When it comes to jewelry, more is always better."

When it comes to jewelry, more is always better. At least, that’s my motto. Stacking earrings, necklaces, and bracelets is always a yes in my book. Putting on jewelry in the morning gets me ready to tackle my day no matter what is instore. From back to back work conferences then straight to kids t-ball, jewelry helps me feel feminine and put together. And that’s what I love about 302® Fine Jewelry: it’s for and inspired by REAL women.

On a more personal level, I am like so many busy working moms out there. I have three devilishly cute children: a sassy girl and active, identical twin boys. They keep me on my toes, so I usually live on coffee, chocolate and the occasional kids’ leftover macaroni and chicken nuggets. Luckily as the queen of multitasking, I thrive on a to-do list and getting things done. As an inquisitive person, I never stop at no – whether I’m at work or at home. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


My Favorite Looks

diamond 3-station necklace star hoop earrings
"Jewelry classics are essentials in my jewelry box."

Data, trends, and classic jewelry styles — what a combination, right? These are the things that make me happy, especially when I can combine them at work. Jewelry classics are essentials in my jewelry box, so of course that love carries over to 302® Fine Jewelry, where I absolutely adore the Essentials Collection. Of course, I love each of the collections, but essential styles remain my favorite.

Outside of work, one of my favorite hobbies is teaching youth dancing. I’ve had an interest in the performing arts since I was three years old, so being able to merge this interest with my hobbies has been great. As a performer, I certainly know how to create an unforgettable experience when gifting jewelry to my friends and family: the people who inspire me the most each day.


My Favorite Looks

geometric hoop earrings diamond necklace
"You can’t live without jewelry."

You can’t live without jewelry — nor leave home without it. I’ve been in this industry for many years, and those two rules guide my desire to share 302® Fine Jewelry with women everywhere. Although necklaces and earrings are my favorite types, I’m inspired and engaged each day by all the new designs our team conceptualizes, creates, curates, and offers to jewelers.

I’m passionate about other beautiful things in life as well, namely three: sunrises, sunsets, and landscaping. I try to take photos of at least one of those three things each day. And yes, I have extra phone storage.

When not at work or enjoying the outdoors, I’m with my two boys or indulging in another hobby of mine. I love to explore the creativity and fun possible with cooking and then share these new ideas and inspirations with my family and friends. If there’s a cool new kitchen gadget, you can bet I’ll be among the first to try it!


My Favorite Looks

lab-grown diamond bar earrings initial diamond necklace
6/22/2021 Market Prices:
Gold 1775.05 Platinum 1064.00 Silver 25.97